Data entry tasks in seconds

The only extension you need for your data entry needs. Works for any website, web app, or PDF document you open in the browser!

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Step 1

Press "Select a table" in Smart Paste Sidebar

Step 2

Select your table and press 'Copy table to clipboard'

Step 3

Paste into your spreadsheet!

Step 1

Select the website fields you want to extract

Step 2

Add the fields to your table

Step 3

Paste to your spreadsheet!

Step 1

Import your table into Smart Paste

Step 2

Select the table header corresponding to the correct input field

Step 3

Fill in your form by selecting the right entry!

So Simple It's Magic

Data Entry tasks done quicker

Save hours by automatically transferring data between websites and PDFs

  • Extracts common fields (e.g. name, occupation)
  • Transfers data into Excel or Google Sheets
  • Works with local PDFs
  • Copies tables from websites or PDFs
  • Automates repetitive tasks with hotkeys

Automatically fill in your forms

  • Quickly fill forms from tables
  • Fills input boxes, radio buttons, checkboxes, etc.
  • Auto-suggests which table column to fill from
  • Reduces errors by showing your table on the side

Data Never Leaves Your Computer

All the processing is performed on your computer, making it as secure as possible


Free Plan (Beta)
  • 50 Interactions per week (Extract or Paste)
  • Works on websites and PDFs
Pro Plan (Beta Pricing)
  • Unlimited Copy and Paste
  • Works on websites and PDFs
  • Dedicated email support
  • Access to future upcoming upgrades (collaboration tools, templates and more!)
$9.99 $3.99/month
(Lock in Beta Pricing)
Group Plan

We offer flexible pricing based on group size, number of devices and other factors. Send us a message to get a quote.

Custom Pricing

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